Saving a Struggling Relationship: What Couples Can Try

It really is hard if a once-thriving relationship takes a turn. Numerous times, we could never see it coming—perhaps you lost his trust when you found out about him texting his ex, or maybe her story about her last trip just didn’t sit well. Maybe your partner did all that and promises it’ll never happen again. Either way, it’s not obligated for you to stay in a relationship just because you’ve spent a good 10 years with them. But honestly, it can be scary to continue on; that’s why so many people try to forgive and forget. If you think your relationship is struggling, these are some attempts you can try to save your relationship:.

Forgive, sincerely.

What does it mean? It means that if you stumbled into petty fight that turns into something serious ages ago, you simply cannot bring up the past to strengthen your side of the argument now. This dark time in your life needs to be singled out, you need to make peace with it, and truly believe that your partner will do their best to be better for the sake of the relationship.

Think of their good qualities.

If your partner is abusive in any way, you should always try to find a safe way out. But if nothing is at the level of danger, and you’re just simply not too happy being in that relationship, you can always try to remember your early days together and find what has changed since then When you feel their bad qualities outweigh the good, then it’s probably a sign the relationship has meets its end.

It isn’t rare to feel unheard in a relationship. Sometimes disagreements can turn to be even bigger issues because sometimes we forget to really listen to what the other person has to say. Try to sit down with your partner and let them talk about anything they have to say. Even though you’ve heard it before–try your best not to cut them out. Then, you do the same after. It’ll feel good for both of you to let it all out calmly without screaming at each other and really be listened to.

Go on a trip together.

If your relationship is on the edge and your partner has been more like a friend than a boyfriend or girlfriend, this might be the reset button you needed. This trip is about rebuilding your relationship so just make sure that you plan a lot of fun, social activities together to try and create new exciting memories. Remember that a vacation alone won’t solve the problem, but a change of scenery and the fun, exciting activities might help you.

Couple counselling.

If you have tried all of the above and nothing’s worked out, maybe it’s time for you to go for a couple counselling. There is no shame on asking for help to professionals to solve your problems. It’s 2019 and a lot of people have been doing it for long now either for themselves or their relationships. Having a third party might help you better understand your partner from different point of views. Maybe you two are going a rough time and cannot find ways to communicate effectively and that’s where a consoler jumps in. Couple counselling will help you both understand each other better so you can move forward. Remember that relationships are not meant to be easy—they’re hard work. It require maintenance and patience to work out.

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