Relationship Breakdown

Research shows that, on average, people seek help seven years after problems begin. By that time, sadly the partnership is often over. Separation is a very hard road to travel on your own. People will often have difficulty coming to grips with the variety of emotions they are experiencing: grief, loss, hurt, anger, hate…

When facing the end of a relationship these emotions are very understandable. Unfortunately they are part of the undergrowth you have to travel through before you can reach the road that leads to healing.

When relationship breakdown has occurred we offer

  • Separation counselling
  • Support in negotiating a more appropriate relationship with your ex-partner, assisting in more effective co-parenting and other interactions
  • Support following the separation, and with parenting and sole parent issues
  • Support in forming a new relationship, and help negotiating the minefield of step-family dynamics

Relationship Breakdown Testimonials