“After many years of single life and a successful career, marriage and motherhood came to me at 39 in very quick succession. With the belief that I would live happily every after with my true love, life became hard work when twins arrived after my eldest son was born three years prior. Everything seemed to turn pearshaped and my once orderly life became chaotic getting to know my new husband and three little ones. I came to see Sharona to share my thoughts and concerns about how I was unable to cope with my new busy life. I met with a very empathetic yet objective lady who listened to my concerns about what was ‘normal’ in this situation. I looked forward to my time and space with Sharona and as each week passed I began to unravel what was causing my anxiety.”


“We were having difficulties with our marriage because of external pressures and this turned things into a blame game.
It wasn’t easy. Sessions could become very emotional as we were dealing with issues that were hurting both of us. Things took a long time, but Sharona was able to help us communicate honestly with each other and realise that we are in this together.” – John


“My mother had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer, which placed an enormous strain on myself. I was also eager to start a family as I was already well into my 30’s.

My husband decided that he instead wanted out of the marriage, causing me enormous psychological harm. Thankfully we started seeing Sharona and were able to save our marriage, and are still together. The process was sometimes difficult, but by the end we felt she was more like a friend.” – Mary