Couple Counseling

Relationships are dynamic organisms which are constantly growing and changing. They are not perfect, and problems will arise – particularly at key points in our lives, eg after the birth of a child, or later when the children leave home. Couple relationships need to be re-negotiated as we adjust to major changes in our lives.

Common problems for couples

  • Feeling stuck in a negative pattern which causes conflict and ill-feeling
  • Difficultly in negotiating life’s milestones – eg birth of children, retirement etc.
  • Differing levels of sexual desire within the partnership
  • Strong differences of opinion (‘hot potatoes’) – eg money, parenting, in-laws, division of labour
  • Infidelity and the ensuing emotional chaos and confusion

What Bayside Relationship Counselling offers couples

  • A safe place to work collaboratively on relationship issues with an objective specialist
  • An opportunity to examine the patterns which recur in the relationship and the emotions which drive these patterns
  • Practice in renegotiating patterns of communication

Couple Counselling Testimonials