“Following a period of grief and a change of career, working with Sharona gave me confidence to move forward with my life and refocus.
I found Sharona very professional, friendly and comfortable to work with. I found the help she gave me to be invaluable and rewarding and I would strongly recommend her services.”James (age 33)


“Thank you Sharona for your skill and respectful regard in assisting me with my struggles.
I am grateful for your guidance and the knowledge that I may count on your objective and supportive approach.”Kate (age 50)


“Last year I was having some issues with school friends so my mum talked me into going to talk to Sharona although I really didn’t want to. I was really uncomfortable and nervous in my first session but Sharona was very welcoming and calm so it was easy to talk.

In my second session Sharona wanted me to place these dolls in a way that I thought the situation looked like. Then I created another scene showing how I could help the situation. It worked. When I began to change, my friends were really sorry for being mean to me.

Sharona was a great help and I still use the skills and I show my siblings what to do when people are being mean. I can lift my head up high and stand up to bullies now.” – Emily (age 12)