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    Relationships are dynamic organisms which are constantly growing and changing.Couple relationships need to be re-negotiated as we adjust to major changes in our lives.

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    Individual clients also present for couple relationship therapy. Effective work can still be done even if your partner does not attend.

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    Research shows that, on average, people seek help seven years after problems begin. By that time, sadly the partnership is often over.

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    Bayside Relationship Counselling services clients in Melbourne’s Bayside area, including Armadale, Aspendale, Beaumaris, Bentleigh, Brighton, Caulfield plus more...

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Relationship Counselling


Every relationship goes through some ups and downs. People disagree, quarrel, and treat each other unkindly even when they care about their loved one. Sometimes these issues or arguments are resolved without any outside interference and sometimes the problem persists despite all efforts.

At Bayside Relationship Counselling, we encourage people to consider relationship counselling Melbourne. Professional assistance can help mend frayed ties and improve communication between two parties.

Signs That You Need Relationship Therapy

Many people hesitate to bring up the topic of therapy, wondering if they are overreacting to the situation. We always encourage people to give counselling a try even if they consider it overkill. A couple of sessions will tell you whether you really need therapy. Here’s a look at some of the biggest signs to consider:

  • Constant fighting between couples, parents and children, or siblings.
  • Lack of communication and frequent misunderstandings between two parties.
  • Arguing over the same issues repeatedly.
  • Problem isn’t solved even after a rational discussion between the parties.
  • Arguing over important factors like money, children’s schooling, sex life, state of marriage, etc.

These are just some of the many signs that indicate you need relationship therapy, but sometimes there are no warning signs. Sometimes people just want to improve their relationship and understanding of each other. Our therapy can help improve communication and understanding. For example, if a child is facing problems at school but is unable to clearly express their distress to their parents, relationship counselling can help.

Benefits Of Professional Relationship Counselling Melbourne

Professional therapy is a worthwhile investment and can help improve the mental health everyone involved in the relationship. Some of the best benefits of these counselling sessions include:

  • Low Stress and Anxiety – Attending therapy can help reduce stress and anxiety levels considerably. You won’t feel as compelled to be angry or argumentative, which will improve communication and help repair the relationship. People tend to lash out when they experience mental strain and that can be detrimental to a relationship.
  • Unbiased Advice – Our counsellor is an impartial party and they play mediator, which means they are on no one’s side. They ask questions, encourage conversations, neutralise arguments if needed to help clients establish a healthy rapport.
  • Focus on Unnoticed Issues – Many couples or family members don’t know the true reason behind their problems. They fail to recognise underlying issues that may be affecting their relationship or causing distress. Our counsellor has the training, skill, and experience needed to detect these issues.
  • Maintaining a Level of Fair Play – People involved in arguments often feel like they’re the injured party. Our counsellors can help maintain a sense of fair play during the sessions. They will quickly point out if one party is being unjust or hurtful during an argument. This can help clients become more aware and conscious of their words. They are more careful and thoughtful while communicating their opinion, which has a positive impact on the relationship.

If you want to know more or book a relationship counselling service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Bayside Relationship Counselling. You can call 0438 300 634 or use our contact form.